Ode to Unknown (A poem)

Cold and bare as Winter’s teeth

somber sun shines forth at dawn

ne’re should the swallow sing

old and dreary as bones beneath

the sodden earth–bare but sweet

holds new life that slumbers on

beneath the faerie ring & under hill and dale

doth the dead still sleep,

weary from this endless toil.

Dry eyes weep and dark hearts wail

as russet flames their souls enfold

beyond all time where silence prevails,

before earth undone–sorrow will fail;

spring once more beyond mire and murk

leaves & buds & blossoms reveal.

But the dawning star’s light ever fades

& old bones to ashes once more shall reign.

But never fear, reflections who quiver

for firmament high over you shall whither

& cast down sheets of steel–

blue shall wait as doom runs hither

and thither on mountain stooped and rocky crag.

For sorrow flies and turns to coals

while embers devour tender rose,

But all is clear in shadow’s gloom

while gloaming dew flickers anew.

When trembling ceases and rain burns cold

so shall my soul find peace, ever Unknown.

©Hayley S. Sadowski


2 thoughts on “Ode to Unknown (A poem)

    1. Many thanks! It was extremely pleasurable to write, it was a lovely afternoon out in the forest when I wrote it, I was perched atop a rustic looking piece of driftwood upon the creek bank, and the birds were singing quite beautifully. 🙂


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