A Passing Thought

I regularly take a stroll across the sweet smelling, bee laden meadow, then into the old  forest, to walk alongside the lazy, turquoise creek, and journey up the steep hills-having that lovely odor of forest decay-that rich smell of dark and moist earth, decomposing leaves, and the pungent, musty scent of beasts.  These hills surround our little house like a great green bowl, and shelter it from the worst of the snow, wind, and storms.  As I was walking home from one of my meandering adventures, I had a passing thought.  The sun was warm upon my upturned face, and the heady wind played in my hair, tousling it from its already messy state, to nearly that of a wild animal as it rushed past.  As I squinted into the light, a lesson from my earliest school days was brought back to my mind.

As I reminisced, the sensation of that thick, old paper in my little hands, the smell of erasure and the sound of yellow pencils being sharpened for use, were running around in my head like giggling children, and I smiled at the thought.  But it was the particular lesson I was being taught at the time, that stuck out especially vividly.  The sun, is a star. Most every child knows this, and yet we do seem to associate the sun and its warm, golden rays, with daytime, whereas we associate the moon, constellations, and the Milky Way galaxy herself, with nighttime. And yet, I was made aware right then, of the simple and rather obvious fact, that we could not only call our sun a star…for that is what he happens to be, but we can call that golden light, starlight.  So really, we are bathing in the glorious rays of a magnificent star, every day, and not only by that particular star, but by myriads upon myriads of others. Billions, trillions of stars, both during the “day”, and during the “night” (which to me are not separate entities but one and the same, they are simply there) are glittering down on us, and beyond the stars, whole galaxies await us, in all their glory.  

So, when you go outside today, whether it’s to or from work, running errands, or simply to enjoy the day….realize my friends, that you are soaking in the starlight, and revel in the joy of this simple thought, one that instantly made a smile break upon my face, and I began to run, arms outstretched, laughing as I raced the wind,  felt the starlight upon my skin, and decided for the umpteenth time, that it was a very, very good day.


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