A Quaint Notion

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up with anything to be thankful for.  Everything might seem to be going wrong for you, but even in our darkest of days we can be truly thankful, and encouraged. I sum it up like this:

“I woke up today…I am full of limitless possibilities, I have not been given a spirit of fear, I am powerful, I am pure, today is a new start…as though I have just been born.  Yesterday is in the past, to be forgotten forever…to rest in peace undisturbed, while Today is all there is before me. The future cannot be worried about, for I am not there yet.  Today…I am alive, and I am both ready and fully able to tackle any task, any trial, any terror set before me, for all shall be well with my soul, and all is well with the world. For all is peace, all is love, all is joy…as the Great I AM holds my heart, my soul, my body, and my eternal Spirit.”






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