What Love Feels Like

Love feels like a summer’s breeze, wafting the sunlight leaves…

Love feels like an ocean deep, fathomless–filled of light and dark

Love feels like a rose in bloom, or a daisy by the roadside smiling, all in joy of glorious day

Love feels like Winter’s bite, sharp and bitter as poison, it cuts deeply

Love feels like a pounding wave, as a battering ram to the soul

Love feels like a fireflies’ light, illuminating the autumn grasses gently as it flits by…

Love feels like a dagger cold, carving cruelly without a thought

Love feels like a butterfly kiss, soft and tender upon closed eyelids

Love feels like the prick of a thorn, drawing blood in a ruby stream

Love feels like the calm of night, where the moon shines silver upon the sea

Love feels like the warmth of dawn, caressing the upturned face

Love feels like shadows deep, foreboding and dark against the trees

Love feels like the song of birds, carried high upon a playful breeze

Love feels like the pouring stream–of tears down one’s cheeks

Love feels like the glistening stars, shining in heaven above, distant yet near to us.

Love is both beauty, and pain.

Sorrow, and joy…

Curse and blessing,

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~Hayley S. Sadowski


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