My Tribute to the Shire (Inspired by Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien)

Shamrock green and meadowlark yellow

Round doors all turn to face fields of yarrow and heather

Brooks all a’ gurgling, marsh wrens a’ singing

Snapdragons nodding and lilac by the sill

Daisies on the roadside and poppies in the dell

Cabbages and carrots, potatoes and leeks, and oh! The mushrooms yonder in shady glen…

Hobbiton, Bywater, Marish and Stock, Underhill and Overhill, and beyond Withywindle

The Green Dragon looms, friendly and warm

with pints of ale to sate the parched throat

jigs and all manner of merriment await young Hobbits

After a long days work in the fields and gardens

there’s pipe weed a plenty for all who wish

to blow smoke rings into the evening sky

and in the coming morn, breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, dinner, and supper will fill the day…

Bringing laughter and cheer, on the steps looking beyond the rolling hills of verdant green

to the fireside hearth all a’glow with ruby heat

Simple minded they call us, and yes that may be so

but great courage lies here, slumbering till awakened

in darkest hour and woeful day

when the dawn is dark and the night is blackest

Hobbits, fair hobbits of the rolling green, the Shire

our home, forever may it be.


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