What do we Miss?

I think that the most wonderous things in this life, we often let slip through our fingers.  I had a really good day yesterday, and some of my favorite things are as follows:

The sun was shining, warming me from within,

the wind was blowing strong and sweet over the mountains, ruffling my hair and brushing my face as it danced past.

The grass was shining a verdant emerald, and new blossoms were peeping in shades of indigo, violet, yellow, pink, and white.

The birds were singing so very sweetly, I felt their songs reverberate in my veins, like a pulse of life.

The water running down the hillside was sharply cold to my hot bare feet, refreshing and pure.


A day spent with my best friend is always one to be joyful about,

our grass-reed sword fights,

our tree mulberry tree climbing,

our behind-the-brick-wall hide and seek,

our relaxing hours spent wandering the sun-kissed expanse of lawn,

our peaceful reading on the side porch, absorbing all the wonders and joys of Self-Compassion,

The laughter, rippling through the breeze, as one with the song of the bluebird.


The time spent with family,

the smell of cookout,

the taste of a home-cooked meal,

eaten with a thankful spirit and a joyful countenance.

the snuggles, the hugs, the giggles, the jokes…

Everything is so beautiful.


And when darkness comes in this life…

don’t just hide in the shadows.

Look for the joy all around you,

in the little things.


A bad day, doesn’t mean you have to have a bad attitude.

A sad event, doesn’t mean you have to stay sad within.

Don’t wallow in your grief, don’t drown in your darkness.

For though the waves may be against you, if you only would relax, and swim with them, they will carry you out to sea, where all your troubles will melt into the beauty, of something far larger, than your own struggles, tears, and pain.


And you will be happy, as you realize that you aren’t alone.

Because it’s the little things in this life, that really count, afterall.



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