Fit to be Fit

Recently, I have been on a personal journey of fitness. Both physical, spiritual, and emotional.  And in this post I’m going to dabble a little into all three aspects, why they are important to me as an individual, and the mindsets I do my best to foster. I started this journey of physical fitness and […]

What do we Miss?

I think that the most wonderous things in this life, we often let slip through our fingers.  I had a really good day yesterday, and some of my favorite things are as follows: The sun was shining, warming me from within, the wind was blowing strong and sweet over the mountains, ruffling my hair and […]

What Love Feels Like

Love feels like a summer’s breeze, wafting the sunlight leaves… Love feels like an ocean deep, fathomless–filled of light and dark Love feels like a rose in bloom, or a daisy by the roadside smiling, all in joy of glorious day Love feels like Winter’s bite, sharp and bitter as poison, it cuts deeply Love […]

A Family of Gypsies

Moving, in and of itself, can bring all sorts of words to the ocean surface of our minds. Words like: adventure, travel, sightseeing, a new chapter, uprooted, a family migration, and melancholy all come to my mind.  Although I haven’t moved as many times as some people in my circle of knowing, I certainly have […]

A Quaint Notion

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up with anything to be thankful for.  Everything might seem to be going wrong for you, but even in our darkest of days we can be truly thankful, and encouraged. I sum it up like this: “I woke up today…I am full of limitless possibilities, I have not been given […]

A Passing Thought

I regularly take a stroll across the sweet smelling, bee laden meadow, then into the old  forest, to walk alongside the lazy, turquoise creek, and journey up the steep hills-having that lovely odor of forest decay-that rich smell of dark and moist earth, decomposing leaves, and the pungent, musty scent of beasts.  These hills surround our little house like a […]